Spafbi's PvE

The rank system provides no in-game benefit aside from bragging rights. Use this system to compete with your fellow players. Your rank score is determined by a combination of time played, gameplay, and kills; only activity during the past 30 days is counted.

  · Time played: Points are awarded for each minute you are logged into the server.
  · Gameplay: Your death, regardless of how it occured, counts against your rank; PvP deaths cost you as much as the killer gains in points. Leaving the server during dangerous weather patterns will also result in a hefty penalty being applied to your score. It is suggested you check the server status page prior to logging in if you don't want to log in during the middle of a hazardous weather pattern.
  · Kills: AI and PvP kills have base scores; AI kills have different base scores depending on the difficulty of the AI type. Bonus multipliers are also awarded for melee kills, bow and crossbow kills, headshots, and vehicle kills (PvP-only for vehicle kills). Headshots, bow and crossbow, and melee kill multipliers are cumulative, so you can get multiple multipliers on a single kill. Killing a player with a vehicle has a 10x multiplier, so get that vehicle out of the garage and rack up some PvP kill points!

A server-wide announcement is made any time there's a change in the top scorer for the server. Enjoy!
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